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ImageFIRST and Habitat for Humanity Are Building a Great Relationship

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 11, 2016 1:35:53 PM

ImageFIRST Tampa is doing BIG things in 2016! Check it out:

15,000 - The amount of time, in hours, that ImageFIRST currently spends volunteering at community service events. That’s almost a million minutes of local outreach in the area (900,000 minutes to be exact).

400,000 - The amount of money (in dollars) ImageFIRST donates to local charities throughout the country annually.

This year’s ImageFIRST Day theme was the importance of home and family. Check this video out to see all the fun that our locations were having across America in our rendition of “We Are Family”!

ImageFIRST Miami recently participated in a Habitat for Humanity even to help build homes for families in need. Ten of our passionate and enthusiastic associates embarked on the charitable task to volunteer their time, labor and support. They laid a solid foundation for the house, the same we way they do with our clients. We provide patients with “Family Standard” care, which means we treat our partners and their guests with the same care we’d treat our loved ones.

This is done by offering cost-effective, high-quality linen deliveries that are comfortable and clean. Our wash process, part of our Triple BioShield Protection, kills up to 99.999% of bacteria. We have a Bright White standard for bed and bath linens as well as individually wrapped patient gowns to make sure you convey a sanitary image to your patients and their loved ones. Our 5-Point Product Quality system is a process that assures every piece of linen is in the best condition once it gets to you.

We take pride in giving back to our community. We have thirty six locations that are dedicated to providing robust infection protection by managing inventory for numerous medical facilities across the country. To learn more about the scope of linen services ImageFIRST Tampa provides (including cost management, linen inventory control, and more) across Florida, visit or call 800-932-7274.