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Introducing the ImageFIRST Cubicle Curtains Webinar: How Healthcare Laundry Innovations Can Help You Increase Infection Prevention

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 3, 2015 2:17:36 PM

If you’re a medical provider, you certainly already know all about the importance of preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) through adopting best practices, engaging staff and targeting commonly infected surfaces for sanitization. With HAIs affecting roughly 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients and approximately 30% of those in ICUs, these preventable threats to patient safety have cost hospitals as much as $45 billion every year, according to the CDC.

Your facility undoubtedly employs every possible tactic and all of the latest research to help prevent the spread of HAIs, including through indwelling medical devices, injections, proper use of antibiotics, and surgical procedures. Yet contamination of healthcare environments and transmission of diseases between healthcare workers and patients remain leading causes of HAIs - in fact, 20-40% of HAIs can be traced to the contamination of healthcare workers’ hands. MRSA infections have been traced to the most-touched objects in patients’ rooms, including bed linens, patient gowns, bed rails and over-bed tables.

While 99% of reporting hospitals have achieved hospital-wide education and training in the arena of adequate hand hygiene, the results are discouraging; 1 in 4 hospitals still need to improve their hand hygiene practices.

In the ImageFIRST Infection Prevention Webinar, healthcare providers can learn about how the healthcare laundry services provided by ImageFIRST, including our unique Cubicle Curtains program, can help prevent the spread of HAIs with minimal additional work on the part of hospital staff.

In conjunction with implementing best handwashing practices, regularly replacing cubicle curtains and bed linens with new sets can help medical professionals avoid spreading these deadly diseases through accidental contact with contaminated materials.

As a full service provided by ImageFIRST Customer Advocates, who will both take down and install each new set of curtains, the Cubicle Curtains program allows medical providers to concentrate on what’s important: patient care and comfort.

To learn more about the Cubicle Curtains Program and other innovative healthcare laundry solutions designed to help prevent the spread of HAIs while increasing patient comfort, we invite you to check out our Webinar, or call an ImageFIRST Tampa representative to learn more about our healthcare laundry services.